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"...the accuracy of the postings were on point! you guys saved me hours, I'm officially done hunting through job boards to find freelance work..."

- David B, Full-Stack Python Developer

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" Finding and landing jobs on [freelancer platforms] is an uphill battle. Before this I had no idea where else to find potential freelance projects. I would definitely recommend this service to every developer. "

- Cornell S, React/Node Developer


How many emails will I get? +

We typically send 1-2 emails every 2 weeks with a varying amount of listings which are personalized to your selected technologies and type of work.

Where do you find the listings? +

We find the listings from discussion boards like Reddit and Hacker News, developer sites like GitHub and Codepen, job board sites like WeWorkRemotely, and tons of other sources. Our list grows every day so if a new site pops up with remote work listings, you can be sure we'll find it.

Does my location or citizenship matter? +

Everything we send is verified to be 100% remote so your location does not matter. Some listings may have a citizenship requirement. If that's the case, we'll mention it in the listing preview.

Why was this created? +

Listings for remote development work can be found scattered across the web. Finding it all can be extremely time consuming and tedious. But, if you were to find all the opportunities out there, you would potentially increase the amount of work you land.

This service was created to find and aggregate all those listings and tailor them to your selected preferences.

I have questions, how can I get in touch? +

Send an email to and we'll be glad to answer it.